KING of the Mountain by Chuck Crismier


The Eternal, Epic, End-Time Battle.  He who rules the Temple Mount rules the world.

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FROM AGES PAST to the present, men, like boys before them, have sought to become “King of the mountain,” “lord of the hill.”  And it is in this simple metaphor that the ultimate meaning and direction of history and prophecy is made manifest, revealing the mystery of the world’s rapidly-approaching and greatest battle for KING of the Mountain.

HERE IS THE HINGE OF HISTORY.  All other issues and pursuits that consume the passions and purposes of mankind ultimately turn on the eternal question: “who will be king of the mountain?”  This is the ultimate question of history which the power brokers and peoples of this planet must answer, both for time and eternity.

HISTORY’S FINAL BATTLE for KING of the Mountain will be a no-holds-barred, winner-take-all, global conflagration.  It is, and always has been, and will be The Eternal, Epic, End-Time Battle for the Temple Mount and for the souls of men.

Who, then, will be KING of the Mountain?  Join this amazing journey from the Tower of Babel to the Temple Mount and from Creation to the Coming of Messiah.  THE BOOK IS IN!



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