On the Mountain of the Lord by Ray Bentley, Bodie Thoene


A Novel weaving the headlines of today and the pages of the Bible into a page turning thriller.

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He had to travel halfway across the world to find his way home to God.

Devastated by a car accident that killed his wife and only child, young Professor Jack Garrison abandons his faith and loses himself in his work—the study of Middle Eastern history. But while on a fact-finding mission to the Holy Land, Jack begins to experience inexplicable visions and dreams. Joined by his friend Lev and a dauntless female Israeli Border Police officer named Bette Deekman, Jack embarks on a journey across Israel and Palestine, following hints from his prophetic visions. His quest will lead him through the world’s most sacred and mysterious sites and will bring him dangerously close to a furtive yet deadly enemy. Is God calling him, and for what purpose? Jack’s unexpected and treacherous faith journey through the Holy Land forces him to confront his doubts and accept the astonishing possibility that he is witnessing an ancient prophecy unfold.

Watch prophecy being fulfilled… and continue to unfold… as only best-selling author, Bodie Thoene, and prophecy scholar, Ray Bentley, can paint the pictures and evoke the scenes.

Hardcover, 233 pages.  RETAIL PRICE $25

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