Once There Was a Girl by Wendy Randall


A Memoir

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Once There Was a Girl is the poignant true story of Wendy, a young black woman struggling to grow up in a housing project in New Orleans. Facing abject poverty, rampant crime, and formidable challenges, she believes against all hope that she will somehow survive. Her mother teaches her how to pray—and pray she does—even when all hope of a better life seems fleeting and perhaps impossible. As time passes, Wendy struggles to not give up, and fervently asks God to perform a miracle and deliver her from the projects to the world she hopes and dreams of.

I love the heart behind your book, and I pray for everyone who has an opportunity to read it that they will be blessed by your story. Xo!—Yvette Henry Cohost of YouTube channel, “Beleaf In Fatherhood” (Mrs. Melanin), www.beleafinfatherhood.com and “How Married Are You” Pod-cast.

Wendy Randall has written a memoir that will inspire others to believe in themselves and take charge of their lives. Her insightful reflections demonstrate her grit, courage, and strong belief in herself. Wendy developed coping tools early that continued to motivate her as she moved through life. She powerfully describes her security blanket of escape: daydreaming. She never let go of those daydreams and did whatever was necessary to ensure they came true. As she states so well, “I believe that I will not succumb to my environment.” This story is one of tremendous courage and determination. —Martha E Casazza, Ed.D. Educational Consultant and Author.

From the moment I began reading Wendy Randall’s Once There Was a Girl, I felt as if I was immediately transported to New Orleans’ Ninth Ward in the 1960s. Randall tells the gripping story of the daily struggles of growing up at the Florida Housing Project where she and her family are surrounded by crime and poverty. It is through her faith, perseverance, and love of the French language and culture that Randall overcomes the hardships of her childhood and pursues her quest for a better life. Once There Was a Girl reminds us of the importance of dreams and the powerful impact that just one experience or person can have on each of our lives. —Jennifer M. Rodriguez, Scholarship and Academic Specialist Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL).

You can expect to be inspired by the real-life victories of Wendy Randall, and how God’s peace and presence remained available through-out the tremendous challenges and pains of life. Wendy Randall’s literary debut in “Once There Was A Girl-A Memoir, will lead readers on a “through-story” account of how God’s favor, love, and acceptance delivered her from embarrassment, emotional pain, and uncertainty to a place and space of grace and victory through Jesus Christ. —Rev.Dr. Cynthia A. Wilson. Executive Director, Worship Re-sources & Director, Liturgical Resources The United Methodist Church Discipleship Ministries.

Wendy loves encouraging people to persevere and has spent her life working as a substance abuse counselor and educator. She has lived around in the United States and Europe and is fluent in both French and Spanish. In her memoir, Wendy illustrates how a praying mother, her faith in Jesus, and perseverance kept her from succumbing to a poverty-stricken and crime-ridden environment and led her to see her dreams come true.

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