Praying God’s Promises by Linda Evans Shepherd

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The Life-Changing Power of Praying the Scriptures.

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The Scriptures tell us that when we pray the will of God, he delights to answer our prayers. But what is God’s will in any given situation? How can we know it? And if we don’t know it, how can we pray it?

Linda Evans Shepherd shows readers that God’s will is not a mystery–it’s clearly laid out in his Word through his many promises. Through stories, practical application, examples of prayers, and guided reflection, Shepherd leads readers toward a more powerful prayer life. Arranged by topic for ease of use, this book shows how to pray God’s promises

– of his presence
– of love
– of peace
– of joy
– of hope
– for provision
– for health
– for breakthroughs
– for our relationships
– over children and loved ones

She includes a chapter on God’s powerful answers to prayer that will inspire readers to search the Scriptures, pray God’s will, and wait expectantly for his promised answers.

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