Rapture: Case Closed? by Nelson Walters

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Since the beginning of Christianity, believers have struggled with one of the most distressing questions of faith: “Will the church face the Antichrist?” This is perhaps the most complete book to date on the subject of “the Rapture.” It examines each of the popular tribulation theories in detail and presents astonishing new biblical insights that appear to identify the point at which the Rapture occurs. Through 147 specific and stunning scriptural proofs (dozens never-before-published), Nelson Walters comprehensively builds a case that reveals the nature and timing of the Rapture. In September, 2017, 1000 copies of “Rapture: Case Closed?” were sent to the top leaders of the English speaking church. As a ground-breaking and comprehensive book, it is the perfect vehicle to encourage discussion and debate within the church. And, perhaps most importantly, it provides the faithful with the information they will need to prepare for the most fundamentally challenging period in human history: The Tribulation.  Enhanced Edition.  Paperback, 354 pages.  Retail Price $18.00.

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