Stronger Together, Weaker Apart by Tony Evans

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Powerful Prayers to Unite Us in Love

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In This Supercharged Atmosphere…

Do you struggle to love those whose opinions differ from yours?

Whether it’s the coworker talking politics, the opinionated uncle at the other end of the holiday table, or the fellow believer sitting in your pew, it can be hard to grit your teeth and get along—much less show love! And you’re not the only one struggling. Our nation, our churches, and even our families are all experiencing disastrous separation and discord.

But here’s the good news: Division is never the last word for those who are in Christ Jesus. In this collection of soul-searching prayers and devotions, you’ll be empowered to take up the armor of God, ground your words in Scripture, and pray for the unity that comes through a shared kingdom vision.

Nothing gets better until we come together. Join bestselling author and teacher Dr.Tony Evans and discover how the Spirit moves when God’s people pray.

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