The STEWARD Plan by John Madison


Understanding God’s Design for Your Finances

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Does the Bible really offer guidance for the complicated financial system in our world today? CPA, author and personal financial counselor John Madison offers a resounding yes! Since retiring from full-time work as a CPA at the age of 49, he has written his new book, The Steward Plan, which explores how following Biblical guidelines can lead people at any stage of life to financial success God’s way.

The Steward Plan covers many aspects of becoming the financial steward God desires, including how to set financial goals, tithing guidance and strategies, creating a blueprint for spending, eliminating debt from your life, growing your wealth wisely over time, removing unnecessary risk from your financial life, and developing a plan to bless future generations. Combining Scripture with practical and easy-to-understand financial terms, The Steward Plan will help you gain control over your money and live the life God designed for you.

The Steward Plan is an outgrowth of Dayspring Financial Ministry, whose mission is to teach Biblical financial stewardship. Like all of Dayspring’s programs, The Steward Plan does not promote or attempt to sell any specific insurance or investing products. It is an independent source of financial information and education, free of any bias, other than conformity with Scripture.

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