The Unseen War by David Kortje


Winning the Fight for Life

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As you will soon discover, David Kortje is a doctor – a trained observer whose years of experience have taught him to detect patterns and perils that most of us overlook or perceive as unnocuous. This alone qualifies him to write about life, and the myriad behaviors and diseases that threaten it…. In the first few chapters we are confronted with an accurate, if sobering, diagnosis of our current desperate condition. And Kortje does not mince words. We have been infected (invaded is probably a better word) by a force that is more deadly than smallpox or cancer. It is conscious. Worse, we are responsible for letting the intruder in and then accommodating his destructive mission. Fortunately, Kortje does not leave us at the door to the morgue. Indeed the majority of this book is comprised of efficacious remedies. We are taught how to identify and sever the deadly tentacles of disillusionment, carelessness and self-sufficiency. We are encouraged to recognize danger signs, to draw boundaries and to call for reinforcements. We are reminded to maintain a “big picture” outlook that allows us to measure every threat and disappointment against the presence, power and promises of God. If you have been battling lately – with others, yourself, or even with God – THE UNSEEN WAR offers strong medicine.

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