Well Done, Mom & Dad! by Tim Alba

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A Practical Guide to Turn Good Intentions Into Godly Legacies

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Every Christian parent wants happy, godly kids, but how do you turn those good intentions into a godly legacy? Instead of leading their kids’ hearts, parents tend to manage their kids’ habits. Well Done, Mom & Dad! goes beyond everyday crises like potty training and drivers training. It’s a practical guide to lead your kids to know how to be faithful and, more importantly, want to.

Tim Alba provides insightful principles and personal stories to help you bond with your kids’ hearts, funnel their beliefs, and shape their dreams. It will result in more than just happy, godly kids. You’ll also hear, “Well done!” from God and family.

“Tim Alba is a wordsmith with creative counsel for parents in successfully leading their children to become believers in Jesus Christ, and in maturing in their faith in a way that guides throughout their lives. These pages will excite you! They will enlighten you! They will enliven you on your parenting journey! Best of all, he will show you how to be sure that you realize the Lord is on this journey with you!”
––Jimmy Draper, President Emeritus of Lifeway Christian Resources

“Tim Alba has written a truly unique and powerful guide for parents wanting to instill a godly legacy in their children. Get your highlighter ready–good stuff abounds here!”
––Rick Johnson, Bestselling author of That’s My Son and Better Dads Stronger Sons


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