365 Ways To Love Your Wife by Nina Roesner

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Approximately 70% of divorces today are initiated by a dissatisfied/unhappy wife.  Women report less satisfaction in their marriage than do men.  Men are often, though not always, caught off guard when a wife calls it quits.  In a post-feminist world, many men feel dismissed, replaceable and vulnerable.  In many cases, they are simply unsure what to do; so they do nothing.

Small things, done consistently over time, create major life change!  This book is written specifically for men who want to communicate more effectively with their wives.  While it may seem like another “to do” list for many men, Nina Roesner says simple daily adjustments in communication and life can make the difference most couples need.  For many men, the tendency is to assume women have the same or similar way of seeing the relationship as they do.  Nothing can be further from the truth says Roesner.  “You have to constantly keep learning, growing and changing.”

Paperback, 59 pages.

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