Becoming a Mean, Teen Parenting Machine by Katie Millar Wirig


A step-by-step guide to transform your relationship with your teenager

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Creating a happy and an emotionally healthy teenager begins with interactions with parents. The Parenting Machine reveals the keys to transforming your relationship with your adolescent children. Teenagers are a maze of emotions and many parents are throwing up their arms wondering what happened to their sweet, obedient child. Taking it back to the basics, mother and educator Katie M. Wirig demonstrates how to implement tried and true principles that will ensure results. Break free from reactive parenting by focusing on topics such as:

  • How to have hard conversations
  • How to build reciprocal trust
  • Preventing emotional burnout in your teens

Using real life experiences from parents and educators alike. Those who apply these principles will enjoy happier and more peaceful homes.

Paperback, 154 pages.  REGULAR PRICE $16

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