For the Faith of the Next Generation by Julie Kurz

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A Resource for Ministry Leaders and Parents

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For the Faith of the Next Generation promotes a biblical model for passing faith to the next generation, where the home is the primary source of spiritual development for children and the church comes alongside with training, equipping, resources, and encouragement.


Helps parents and teachers discover how faith is developed in children. Provides parents and children’s workers an understanding of how to teach God’s Word in ways that impact children. Includes chapters by Scott Turansky & Joanne Miller, Carri Taylor, and Kirk Weaver


1. Time for a Change?

2. God’s Blueprint And God’s Strategy

3. Whose Responsibility Is This Anyway?

4. The Importance of Relationship

5. Marriage: The Foundation of the Home

6. Divorce! What Now? By Carri Taylor

7. Using a Heart-Based Approach for Parenting by Scott Turansky & Joanne Miller

8. How Do Children Develop Spiritually?

9. Shepherding Children to Faith in Christ

10. Family Time by Kirk Weaver

11. Faith: What Children Need to Know to Grow Spiritually

12. Watch Out for “Performance Driven Faith”

13. What is the Church to Do Now?

14. Keys to Impactful Teaching With Any Curriculum

15. The Value of Worshiping Together as a Family

16. How Do We Successfully Keep Our Children in the Worship Service?

17. What’s the Goal? How Do We Measure Our Progress? How Do We Know We Are on Track?

18. Jesus Said …

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