Generous Life Journey by Gunnar Johnson


The Road to Financial Freedom

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At some point in life we will all come to the intersection of faith and finances. How we navigate that experience will go a long way in determining our success in our walk with God and in life. Imagine the impact financially-free Christians could have on their communities and the world.

The answer to financial turmoil comes from the truths in God’s word.
This is the story of the lessons in handling finances from a Godly perspective as experienced by Johnson himself. This book will help the body of Christ in Biblical stewardship, and gives individuals and the church everything needed to become Christ following stewards.

Key features include:

  • Big picture financial training from the Word of God
  • The why behind the how of Biblical stewardship
  • Inspiration to create a life of overflowing joy and generosity
  • Living in financial freedom
  • Encouraging biblical use of money as a Kingdom building tool


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