Hazards of Being a Man by Jeffrey Miller

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Overcoming 12 Challenges All Men Face

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When the opportunity comes to learn from someone else’s mistake instead of making your own, take it! Men have been struggling with the same problems since biblical times. From well-known men like Adam and Samson to more obscure men like Achan and Elkanah, the Bible is filled with stories of men facing the hazards that men still face today. This book tackles twelve hazards all men face and paints a compelling picture of how to live as a better man. Pastor Jeffrey Miller, who based this book on his popular and successful series on, gives field-tested advice on the way out of these common male hazards: Deflecting Responsibility; Manipulation; Misplaced Priorities; Individualism; Lust; Insensitivity; Absence; Partial Obedience; Unresolved Anger; Discontentment; Unteachability; Unchecked motives. Quantities are limited. Available while supplies last. REGULAR PRICE $15.00.

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