Praying For Israel’s Destiny by James Goll

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Effective Intercession For God’s Purposes in the Middle East

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Pages are turning on God’s prophetic calendar, approaching the mysterious day when He will step once again into the world of time and space. What is the key to this fulfillment? The answer is Israel. And the controversy over her destiny affects every nation on earth. No intercessor can miss the importance of prayer for Israel. Do you wish to see with God’s vision? Then pray for the apple of his eye? Do you long for peace on the earth? Then pray for the city of peace. Do you wish to be blessed? Then learn the models of prayer for the nation through which He blesses all peoples. Now is the time to help fulfill God’s prophetic appointments for all three of Abraham’s national offspring encompassing the entire Middle East. Join with intercessors worldwide to pray for Israel – and watch as God fulfills the amazing promises in His Word.  2005 Edition.

Paperback, 176 pages.

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