Resurrection by Dr. Michael Brown

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Investigating a Rabbi From Brooklyn, a Preacher From Galilee, and an Event that Changed the World

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Could A Deceased Rabbi Be The Messiah?

He was called the Lubavitcher Rebbe, and he was arguably the most influential Jewish leader of the twentieth century. Presidents and prime ministers sought personal audiences with him. He established outreach centers in virtually every Jewish community worldwide. And by the time of his death in 1994, his followers believed he was the Messiah. Many still believe this today, more than twenty-five years after his death.

But is that possible?

Michael L. Brown, PhD, takes you on a journey beginning in Brooklyn, New York, then back through Jewish history, looking at little-known Jewish beliefs about potential Messiahs in each generation and even the reincarnated soul of the Messiah. Discover how yes, a deceased rabbi could be the Messiah…but with one caveat.

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