The Power of A Parent’s Blessing by Craig Hill

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See Your Children Prosper and Fulfill Their Destinies in Christ

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There are seven critical times in life at which God intends for every person to receive a powerful impartation from Him of identity and destiny. In the first six God uses parents, and in the seventh He uses adult children to impart blessing back to their parents. The primary connotation of the Hebrew word baruch, “to bless,” is “to empower to prosper.” Thus, parents who bless their child at these six critical times literally empower the child to prosper, while parents who, through lack of knowledge, fail to bless—or actually curse—may spiritually and emotionally cripple the child. Craig Hill answers key questions for each critical time in a child’s life, including: What is the key identity and destiny question to be answered in the heart of the child? When is the appropriate time to bless? What are potential consequences of not blessing? What is the role of each parent in blessing at this specific time? What are practical tools to use in blessing? Blessing is a custom established by God and meant to function in every family. The Power of a Parent’s Blessing gives readers the practical tools by which they can experience the transformational blessings of God for themselves and their families.

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