The Unity of Scripture by Daniel Brown

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Understanding the Mysteries of God

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The Unity of Scripture is unlike any other book on the Bible. It is divided into three distinct sections: Origins, Symbolism and Prophecy. Understanding each of these, in context, is necessary for a correct understanding of the Bible. This book shows how these three aspects interconnect. Dan Brown takes a rational approach concerning the Bible without diminishing its authority or questioning its correctness. There are many diagrams and illustrations which very effectively clarify the author’s ability to graphically diagram scriptural passages in order to compare them to other Biblical passages is unique and makes their interconnectedness more readily apparent. This book also illuminates many of the mysteries in the Bible in a simple and understandable way. The Unity of Scripture will inspire awe at the perfection demonstrated by the Word of God.¬† 399 pages, with diagrams and appendices giving detailed explanations.

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