When All Plans Fail by Paul Williams


Be Ready for Disasters

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NEW UPDATED EDITION! September 2015.  Disasters are becoming more frequent around the globe. Ask yourself, “Am I prepared?” If not, now is the time to get ready. We should be ready for disasters. This book gives hope even when all plans fail.

In addition to all the superb information the book already had, this book is updated to reflect the changes in our world since its first printing on 2008.  New chapters include discussion and help for preparation for disasters such as:

  • Ebola & Pandemic Threats
  • When the Lights Go Out
  • Emergency Preparedness Models for Neighborhoods
  • More information on self-defense and family security
  • Practical resources and information on how churches can not only prepare their members but also network with other churches to have greater impact on their community.

If you have not prepared for emergencies and disasters, you have an increased likelihood of becoming a victim who will need assistance.  First-responders to disasters focus on people who are injured, trapped or unable to help themselves.  The larger the universe of prepared individuals and families, the more effective the disaster response will be.  In fact, those who are prepared will often be in a position to help others and not be a drain on rescue efforts.  Be prepared, Don’t be a victim!

Paperback.  298 pages.

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