When It’s Your Turn to Serve by Karen Pence


Experiencing God’s Grace in His Calling for Your Life

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Life is full of unexpected obstacles, but there’s no challenge too big for God to handle.

Washington D.C. is crammed with people eager to bend your ear about statistics, polls, and policies. Karen Pence is more likely to talk about beekeeping—if she’s not busy teaching an art class, painting watercolors, or riding her bike.

An elementary schoolteacher who never expected to leave Indiana, Karen found during her extraordinary journey to becoming Second Lady that—despite the turbulence inherent to political campaigning, and through eighteen moves and countless surprises—God’s grace was sufficient.

When It’s Your Turn to Serve is full of heartwarming and relatable stories of being a leader, a teacher, a mom, and a Christian throughout an unpredictable life. From turning up to “Pet Night” on Capitol Hill toting a lizard, two cats, and a dog—only to find it was an event for lobbyists—to getting the unexpected news that her husband had become Donald Trump’s nominee for vice president, Karen has learned to take surprises in stride.

In this warm and deeply personal book, the former second lady shares the lessons she’s learned about God, faith, and family. Brimming with stories that mattered but didn’t make the headlines, the book challenges you to be open when opportunities arise, recognize your purpose in God’s plan, and step up to make a difference when it’s your turn.

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