A Mentor’s Wisdom by R. Larry Moyer

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Renewing the art of mentoring:  Why we need it & how to find one.  Mentoring is a rarity. In a culture lacking solid mentors and even fewer followers, the need for help and guidance is as needed as ever.  In this book Dr. R. Larry Moyer chronicles how he developed as a leader through the close partnership with a professor who became a friend.

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Through his distinguished career as a pastor, professor, and theologian, Haddon Robinson mentored and raised up many powerful men and women of God. In this moving tribute, Dr. R. Larry Moyer, founder and CEO of EvanTell, reflects on the fourty-five most significant lessons that he learned from his friend and mentor. Over the years, Dr. Robinson provided a depth of insight into Larry’s character and circumstances, and opened many doors for Larry that eventually led to the launch of EvanTell. After fourty-five years of evangelism ministry with EvanTell, Larry reflects on the way that Dr. Robinson’s teaching has echoed down the years and stood the test of time. As a friend and a mentor, Dr. Robinson supported and guided Larry in life, leadership, speaking, and evangelism. This book and the lessons it contains testify to the enduring influence of a pastor and teacher dedicated to training the church to build the kingdom of God.

Paperback, 100 pages.

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