Anointed to Win by Liberty Turnipseed


Overcome the Demon That Reminds You of Your Past, Disempowers Your Present, and Tries to Ruin Your Future.

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There’s a difference between failing and living in failure.

This book will guide you to a life of true freedom and joy. Your mistakes and failures will no longer define who you are as you learn to embrace a refreshed life that can only be found in Jesus. You will be fully equipped to take authority over the enemy’s attacks against you.

Failurism. That may be an unfamiliar term, but it’s a very real spirit that is keeping many Christians trapped in cycles of failure and defeat. Drawing from her personal experiences and revelations from Scripture, Liberty Turnipseed shows readers how to defeat the stronghold that hinders their success and tries to ruin their future. Through this book, readers will discover:

  • the thought process created when we fail and how we allow ourselves to become bound to failurism
  • how the spirit of failurism manifests and how smaller demons infiltrate our lives and attach themselves to this stronghold
  • how the devil uses lies and deception to make failurism a way of life
  • how to be set free from this demonic stronghold

As children of God, we may fail at times, but we don’t have to continually walk in our past mistakes and make failure a lifestyle. We are anointed to win! This book provides the tools and understanding to walk in that victory.

Paperback, 144 pages.  REGULAR PRICE $15

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