Before You Quit by Doug Gehman

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Everyday Endurance, Moral Courage, and the Quest for Purpose

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How Non-Quitters Changed the World

You’re exhausted. As you see your time and joy being spent on something that isn’t going the way you planned… some days you wonder if it’d just be better to quit.

Whether it’s now or later, we’re all faced with a choice between good and easy, between continuing on through difficulty or giving up. When that day comes, what will you choose?

Doug Gehman observed firsthand how God used one man’s relentless perseverance to change a country, and it changed him. In this book he shares dozens of stories of ordinary people who did extraordinary things for the kingdom of God because they simply kept going—through pain, discouragement, loss, and failure. He’ll teach you how to cultivate a gritty perseverance that counts the cost and follows through. Become a person of courage and commitment. It’ll cost you dearly, but it will change your life forever.

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