Breaking Everyday Addictions by Dr. David Hawkins


Finding Freedom from the Things That Trip Us Up

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Addiction is a rapidly growing problem among Christians and non–Christians alike. Even socially acceptable behaviors, such as shopping, eating, working, playing, and exercising, can quietly take over. Clinical psychologist David Hawkins breaks the silence with this enlightening expose of the addictions that control people every day. It’s loaded with practical information that will help readers…

  • recognize and talk about addiction in their own life or family
  • understand how people become addicted and what can happen when they do
  • break the addictive cycle of thoughts and behaviors
  • create a healthier lifestyle based on scriptural principles
  • build a community of support

Virtually everyone is addicted to something or affected by a loved one who is. Many people who appear to live freely are secretly controlled by their compulsion. Breaking Everyday Addictions provides the tools they need to allow the healing power of Christ to permeate their lives.  REGULAR PRICE $16.00

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