Live a Praying Life in Adversity by Jennifer Kennedy Dean

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Live a Praying Life®! in Adversity attacks our minds and our bodies. Trouble sends people to their knees in prayer. We approach God expecting quick and instant relief from our pain. When that relief doesn’t come immediately, or our circumstances do not change the way we think they should change, we may be quick to give up praying. We may go through the motions, but our soul languishes with defeat. It seems like the adversity will overtake us and God has not answered.

So, why and how do you keep praying when you want to give up?  National best-selling author Dean will help feed your determination to Live a Praying Life™ in Adversity in the empowering new study that focuses on prayer and the fatigue that adversity can bring. Filled with biblical truths, principles, and encouraging words, this short study will look specifically at prayer’s purpose, process, promise, and practice with a focus for application in the life of those suffering. This content delivers tangible understanding for how to pray when you want to give up.

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