The Gay Agenda by Dr. Ronnie Floyd


It’s Dividing the Family, the Church, and a Nation.

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The Gay Agenda is on the move. Pop culture glorifies the gay lifestyle. Politicians are confused by it. Judges sanction it. The Church is in agony over it. The nation is divided. As the gay lobby has learned to put a human face on the stories from its culture, confusion has crept into traditional circles, where once, we knew what we believed in and why. Now comes a bold new statement about the division this aggressive agenda has brought to America. Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd exposes the radical plans that a tiny minority in this country has in mind for the rest of us. In this he outlines not only those goals, but also why traditionalists must confront the world view these change agents represent. This balanced, even compassionate look at the greatest cultural struggle of our time will inform, challenge and lead the way. We can’t afford to ignore this debate.

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