The Paradox Principle of Parenting by James Lucas

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In this fresh look at parenting, author James Lucas demolishes eight parenting myths – and replaces them with paradoxical truths found in the way God parents us. The ultimate example of good parenting, God is both an authority and a friend. He is a father who desires our obedience – and also our love. Parents who want to follow in the Master Parent’s footsteps must imitate God’s seemingly contradictory roles. This book shows you how. Whether your children are in diapers or in college, whether you are married or single, and whether you are experiencing parenting success or struggle and failure, this book is for you. It offers a brand-new perspective on raising outstanding kids and is an important resource for parents who want to do that all-important job right. REGULAR PRICE $13.00. Clearance price valid while supplies last.

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