Licensing Selfishness by Dr. Paul Brownback


The Secular and Evangelical Ideology Destroying America

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What is happening to America? Just a few decades ago our nation was peaceful, prosperous, and predominately moral. Now all that has changed.The greatness of America resulted from its Christian roots that established a culture characterized by agape love. This book explains that beginning with the 1960s, progressives have promoted an ideology that licenses selfishness, the opposite of agape love. This ideology of selfishness now dominates American culture. It has spawned virtually every problem confronting our nation from destructive riots in our cities to dishonest mainstream media that make it their mission to distorts rather than tell the truth. Restoration of a healthy and successful society requires the reestablishment of a culture that promotes agape love rather than selfishness. Only the evangelical church possesses the resources to achieve that. This book contends, however, that the selfishness-licensing ideology destroying secular society has infiltrated the evangelical church. Consequently, in its current, weakened condition the evangelical church is incapable of effectively fighting the culture war and reinstituting a culture of agape. This book explains the nature of that ideology, identifies the sources of its infiltration into the evangelical belief system, and provides a prescription for recovery. This book further offers a strategy that would enable the reinvigorated evangelical church to restore an agape-promoting culture that would make America great.

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