The Challenge of Evolution by Paul Myrant


Is There a Creator?  What is He Like, and How Did He Create the Universe?

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Can an intelligent person believe that God created the earth in six days and that the universe is just thousands of years old? In today’s postmodern atmosphere, is it rational to believe in God, objective truth, and moral absolutes? Atheistic evolution, with its reliance on philosophical naturalism as a major presupposition wants to say that mere chance is the only explanation for the universe. Yet, is this true? Should Christians be forced to abandon their faith just because their college textbook tells them to do so? With the onslaught of the “New Atheism,” it is high time for Christians to know what they believe and why they believe it. When modern philosophers and scientists’ mock faith, ignore the Creator, and reject the authority of the Word of God, Christians need to be armed with the proper tools in order to combat such philosophies. Join new author Paul Myrant in this CHALLENGE OF EVOLUTION as he gives a rational justification for the belief in God and the Bible. Students, teachers and professors will find Paul Myrant’s arguments insightful, intriguing and compelling as they search for the truth concerning the origins of the universe.

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