Why Did God Give My Kids Free Will? by Ken Swarner


He Could’ve Waited until They Moved Out

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Do you sometimes wonder about God’s plan, specifically why He gave our children free will to do the things they do? More thoughtful and holy thinkers have tackled the question.

It’s a mystery, mostly, but in its raw form, parental mishaps help us get closer to God. Consider:

  • Learning patience while spitwads land in your drink
  • Embracing the absurdity of teens wearing shorts in the winter
  • Practicing gentleness as you explain (again) why it is important to restock the toilet paper

Regret, humiliation, control … you can let go of these when you laugh and make peace with the idea that God may just have a sense of humor after all.

With anecdotes, prayers, devotionals, and reflections, Why Did God Give My Kids Free Will? shows readers the hilarious, spiritual journey of life with kids sure to inspire and unite Christian parents.

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