Israel and the Church

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 Holman Quick Source Guide to the Dead Sea Scrolls by Craig Evans
Buried in a forgotten cave and lost for eons of time, the Dead Sea Scrolls came to worldwide attenti..
$15.00 $5.00
 Praying For Israel's Destiny by James Goll
Pages are turning on God's prophetic calendar, approaching the mysterious day when He will step once..
 The Christian's Biblical Guide to Understanding Israel by Doug Hershey
The Christian’s Biblical Guide to Understanding Israel by Doug Hershey is comprehensive guide for be..
 The Coming Israel Awakening by James Goll
The Coming Israel Awakening is an exhortation to all believers to receive God's heart for Israel and..
 The Gospel According to Isaiah 53 Edited by Darrell Bock and Mitch Glaser
Written by eleven biblical scholars, this study explores the theology of the suffering servant in Is..
$28.00 $7.00
 The Great Treasure Hunt by Jim Spillman
Would you like to know: Where the greatest treasure in the world is buried? Why Russia will attack I..
 The Jewish People and Jesus by Joseph Butta
A new book develops a case for reconciliation between the Jewish people and Jesus. In his debut book..
$20.00 $5.00
 The New Christian Traveler's Guide to the Holy Land by Charles Dyer and Gregory Hatteberg
You are about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. You will walk in the footsteps of Jesus and see G..
 Two Nations Under God by Tom Doyle
This book presents historical, biblical facts about America, Israel and its neighbors in such a way ..
$15.00 $5.00
Abandoned by Stan Telchin
God does have a plan for Israel and part of it involves some Jewish people recognizing Jesus as the ..
$15.00 $5.00
Iran & Israel by Mark Hitchcock
With every passing day, the stakes grow higher in the escalating conflict between Iran and Israe..
Israel Matters by Gerald McDermott
Widely respected theologian Gerald McDermott has spent two decades investigating the meaning of Isra..
$18.00 $11.00
Israel the Will to Prevail by Danny Danon
Danny Danon has been a vocal opponent of disengaging in the Gaza Strip and West bank, and transfor..
$26.00 $3.00
Jewish Giftedness and World Redemption by Jim Melnick
This book is well researched and makes some very powerful historical and sociological arguments that..
KING of the Mountain by Chuck Crismier
FROM AGES PAST to the present, men, like boys before them, have sought to become "King of the mounta..
$20.00 $18.00
Messianic Judaism is Not Christianity by Stan Telchin
The apostle Paul wrote that all believers--Jewish and Gentile--are to serve the Lord together as "on..
$13.00 $3.00
Miracle of Israel by Gary Frazier & Jim Fletcher
Nothing demonstrates how God keeps His promises better than the story of Israel. Everyone is lo..
Saturday People, Sunday People by Lela Gilbert
Saturday People, Sunday People is a unique portrait of Israel as seen through the eyes of a Christia..
$26.00 $6.00
The Case for Zionism by Thomas Ice
The modern state of Israel has been a nation for almost 70 years. When she was formed and fought her..
The Ezekiel Generation by Grant Berry
You live in one of the most critical hours in human history… and G-d is calling you to participate! ..
$17.00 $6.00
The Israeli Solution by Caroline Glick
A  manifesto that exposes the flaws in the two-state policy of the United States toward Israel ..
The New Christian Zionism Edited by Gerald McDermott
Can a theological case be made from Scripture that Israel still has a claim to the Promised Land? Ch..
$26.00 $17.00
The Restitution of All Things by Joseph Farah
Did Jesus of Nazareth really intend to start a brand new religion called Christianity? Or, did ..
$26.00 $20.00
Why Still Care About Israel? by Sandra Teplinsky
Could you be asking all the wrong questions about Israel? Conversation about the Arab-Israeli con..
$16.00 $4.00