Islam & Terrorism

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 Chrislam Ed. by Joshua Lingel, Jeff Morton & Bill Nikides
Are there missionaries who promote converts from Islam remaining in Islam? Is Islam the primary iden..
$25.00 $10.00
 Christianity In An Age of Terrorism by Gene Veith
Where is God in the midst of all this horror? He is on the Cross at Ground Zero-Golgotha, New York C..
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A Biblical Point of View On Islam by Kerby Anderson
Readers today are eager for accurate information about Islam in the midst of a fog of political ..
Culture Clash by Mark Gabriel
Why don’t the Muslim people throw out their dictators and demand human rights? Why is America feared..
Few Call It War by Robert Michael Hicks
Most Americans could not fathom how Islamic terrorists could bring down the World Trade Center or ..
Hatred by Michael Coren
Christians are the most persecuted identifiable group on earth. This is not the opinion of some but ..
Islam, Its Historical Beginnings by Franklin Jackson
Join the author as he presents Muhammad, his religion, and its first 100 years from an historical pe..
Religion of Peace or Refuge For Terror by Dr. Larry Spargimino
The world has witnessed suicide bombings and other forms of terrorist activities with alarming frequ..
Saturday People, Sunday People by Lela Gilbert
Saturday People, Sunday People is a unique portrait of Israel as seen through the eyes of a Christia..
The Isis Crisis by Charles Dyer
With ISIS On The Rise, What Do We Need To Know?  ISIS-a name that inspires fear, a group tha..