Missions, Persecution & Religions

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 A Martyr's Grace by Marvin Newell
They came from around the world. Administrators, teachers, doctors and nurses, church planters and p..
 Between 2 Fires by Jack Kincaid
This book reveals a side of the Middle East struggle not published in the news media; The untold sto..
$10.00 $4.00
 Christianity In An Age of Terrorism by Gene Veith
Where is God in the midst of all this horror? He is on the Cross at Ground Zero-Golgotha, New York C..
$13.00 $3.00
 Christianity, Cults & Religions DVD with Paul Carden
6-Session DVD Based study - Leader Pack, with: Printable Leader Guide; Fliers and Posters (PDF). Thi..
 Christianity, Cults & Religions Participants Guide with Paul Carden
This is the Christianity, Cults & Religions Participants Guide that goes with the 6-session DVD ..
10 Christianity, Cults & Religions Pamphlets with Paul Carden
Pack of 10 Pamphlets at 20% discount. More than 500,000 copies sold! This is the #1 Cults and Religi..
A Field Guide for Everyday Mission by Ben Connelly, Bob Roberts
Surprise - whoever you are, you're a missionary! If you call yourself a follower of Jesus, ..
As It Is Written by Kenneth Gentry
The framework hypothesis or literary framework view has recently grown in acceptance within the chur..
$14.00 $11.00
Be Thou Prepared by Carl Gallups
"Across the earth, there is a growing sense that we are now rapidly approaching the last days. Now i..
Christianity & World Religions by Derek Cooper
A critical task in Christian apologetics is understanding-properly-the relationship between other wo..
$20.00 $6.00
Christianity, Cults & Religions Pamphlet with Paul Carden
More than 500,000 copies sold! This is the #1 Cults and Religions comparison chart on the market. Th..
Does God Exist? By Bobby Conway
Do you ever find yourself stumped by questions about God, questions that sound like this... ..
Examine Your Faith by Pamela Christian
Well-meaning people want to believe that all roads lead to the same God and heaven. But wanting some..
God, Israel and You by Michael Onifer
God, Israel and You is a fresh and insightful perspective on an oversaturated an..
$17.00 $14.00
Hostile Environment by George Yancey
"The only good Christian is a dead Christian." In our heated cultural environment, comments like ..
I Am N
Yousef, whose mother threatened to kill him for having a Bible, now smuggles Bibles the way his fami..
$17.00 $10.00
In The Lion's Den by Nina Shea
More Christians have died for their faith in the 20th century than in the previous 19 centuries comb..
Pathway to the Soul by Joel Van Hoogen, Charles A. Cook
Do you believe in God? A simple question. And ultimately, the question you must ask the unbeliever t..
Persecuted by Paul Marshal, Lela Gilbert, Nina Shea
Christians are the world’s most widely persecuted religious group, according to studies by the P..
Standing in the Fire by Tom Doyle
Not Even ISIS Can Scare Them Off Followers of Christ need to relearn what it means to stand cou..
$17.00 $11.00
Takedown by Paul Kengor
We are witnessing a watershed moment in American cultural history: the sabotaging of family and marr..
$19.00 $14.00
The Baker Pocket Guide to World Religions by Gerald McDermott
Did you know that about half of the world's population is either Muslim or Christian? Or that atheis..
Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand
"Tortured for Christ" - After years of imprisonment and solitary confinement, enduring inhumane tort..
Why God Calls Us To Dangerous Places by Kate McCord
Why God Calls Us to Dangerous Places is about what is lost and what is gained when we follow God at ..