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 Are You Being Seduced Into Debt? by John Cummuta
Are you really in control of your life? Or are you being manipulated to embrace a value system that ..
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 Dollars & Sense by Cynthia Sumner
Convinced you're not a "numbers person"? Think you don't have time? Wish you could just leave the mo..
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 Making the Most of Your Money in Tough Times by Kerby Anderson
Tough financial times are limiting jobs, hurting families, depleting savings, and threatening future..
 Your Money by Ralph Moore & Alan Tang
Everyone struggles with money at some point in their lives. The problem can run so deep that people ..
6 Week Money Challenge by Steve Repak
Financial matters are mentioned in the Bible more often than prayer, healing, or mercy. With so many..
Breaking Out of Plastic Prison by James Dean
"Sticking to a budget brings freedom not slavery", writes James Dean, who gives financial advice in ..
Generous Life Journey by Gunnar Johnson
At some point in life we will all come to the intersection of faith and finances. How we navigate th..
Money Trouble by Deborah McNaughton & Melinda Weinstein
What do you do if you can’t pay your bills? What if you are in risk of losing your home, your car, o..
What The Bible Says About Money Pamphlet
What the Bible Says About Money - Over 100 Bible Verses on Money. What does the Bible really say abo..
Your Money Map by Howard Dayton
This book will transform your finances . . . and your life. When you learn what the God of the un..