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 Finding Faith in a Skeptical World by Chet Galaska
As he entered his four-year-old son Jon's room, long-time Atheist Chet Galaska said his first genuin..
 William Seymour: A Biography by Craig Borlase
When the country was steeped in racism... he followed the vision God gave him. When the doors of the..
A Man Called Peter by Catherine Marshall
In the Preface to A Man Called Peter, Catherine Marshall tells of a dream she had after Peter Marsha..
After the Fall by Craig DeMartino
Craig DeMartino never thought this would happen to him. He was 100 feet up a cliff in Rocky Mountain..
Amazing Grace in the Life of John Newton by Don Parker Decker
The words that John Newton wrote in his hymn Amazing Grace over two centuries ago have brought hope ..
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Gifted Mind by Jeff Kinley & Dr. Raymond Damadian
As a young boy, he watched his grandmother die painfully from breast cancer. Dr. Damadian would even..
The Blessings of Obedience by Bob Fraley
Follow this remarkable true life story of how the Lord led two ordinary people for the saving of the..
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The Faith of Condoleezza Rice by Leslie Montgomery
She's been called the devil's handmaiden, a history maker, a rock star, Bush's secret weapon, the mo..