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 Eternal Vigilance by Mathew Staver
In this 500+ page book,Mathew Staver writes about knowing and protecting your religious freedom. He ..
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 The Scandal of Evangelical Politics by Ronald Sider
"Christian political activity today is a disaster." So begins Ron Sider's analysis of contemporary e..
10 Truths About Socialism by Robert Knight, Coral Ridge Ministries
Socialism is on the march. Twenty years after the Soviet empire's sudden collapse, socialism is on t..
American Greatness by Chris Buskirk & Seth Leibsohn
How is it possible that the conservative elite, Washington insiders, and mainstream media were so ..
Awakening by Ralph Reed
Are we watching our nation commit suicide? Is America, like a modern-day Roman Empire, doomed to mor..
Entitled to Slavery by Michael Abbott Jr
History tells us that all civilizations progress through a sequence of nine distinct phases that beg..
Few Call It War by Robert Michael Hicks
Most Americans could not fathom how Islamic terrorists could bring down the World Trade Center or ..
God Less America by Todd Starnes
Pay attention, people of faith. Dark clouds are gathering. The winds of intolerance are blowing. The..
Guilty as Sin by Edward Klein
When FBI Director James Comey announced in July that Hillary Clinton would not be indicted for misha..
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Not All Conservatives Are Constitutionalists
“Not ALL Conservatives Are Constitutionalist” is a progression through a litany of definitions for C..
Outlasting the Gay Revolution by Michael Brown
"Just stay the course and speak the truth in love. People may mock your words for the short term, bu..
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Personal Faith Public Policy by Harry Jackson & Tony Perkins
Harry Jackson and Tony Perkins believe that America stands at a crossroads. As a nation we must choo..
Smashing the DC Monopoly by Tom A. Coburn, M.D.
STOPPING THE POWER-HUNGRY BEAST. Though everyone talks a good game about reining in out-of-cont..
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Stolen Sovereignty by Daniel Horowitz
We are confronted with a jarring reality that the Left has succeeded in growing the power of the cou..
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Takedown by Paul Kengor
We are witnessing a watershed moment in American cultural history: the sabotaging of family and marr..
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The Case for Zionism by Thomas Ice
The modern state of Israel has been a nation for almost 70 years. When she was formed and fought her..
The Crumbling Wall Against Tyranny by T.V. Weber
Tired of hearing what the Supreme Court and the media think that the Constitution mean? Want to know..
The Israeli Solution by Caroline Glick
A  manifesto that exposes the flaws in the two-state policy of the United States toward Israel ..
The Legal Basis for a Moral Constitution by Dr. Jenna Ellis
America is in the midst of a cultural and constitutional law crisis that began more than sixty y..
The Liberty Book by John Bona and Dan Schanzenbach
News reports bring to our ears daily stories of further intrusion in our lives and increased regulat..
The Snapping of the American Mind by David Kupelian
AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL HAS BECOME AMERICA THE BIZARRE. Government openly defies the law, Christians a..
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Utopian Road to Hell by William J Murray
Utopian dreamers are deceived and deceiving. Their "fight for the people" rhetoric may sound good ..
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Wage the Battle by Paul Nehlen
Wage the Battle is a call to action. It is the amazing story of how self-described manufacturing guy..
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Wake Up America by Eric Bolling
The New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly Bestseller! Grit, merit..
$26.00 $16.00