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52 Ways to With Your Smartphone Obsessed Kid by Jonathan McKee
In 52 Ways to Connect with Your Smartphone Obsessed Kid, author Jonathan McKee offers just the ..
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American Hookup by Lisa Wade
A revelatory account of the new culture of sex that has come to dominate the American college expe..
$27.00 $20.00
Bear Country by Ken Starr
Ken Starr rightly calls this story a deeply personal one which, however, is less about himself than ..
Crimes of the Educators by Samuel Blumenfeld, Alex Newman
Samuel Blumenfeld and Alex Newman see the failings of American public schools as a much more siniste..
$27.00 $21.00
Esau Rising by Bill Cloud
"Esau Rising is a masterpiece that will truly impact the lives of those who read it. Esau Rising exp..
$17.00 $13.00
Fat Chance by Ray Comfort
Fat Chance: Why Pigs Will Fly Before America Has an Atheist President by Ray Comfort looks at how at..
Fault Line by Billy Hallowell
Consider that the nation's three main educational systems-the mainstream media, entertainment, and t..
$16.00 $10.00
Few Call It War by Robert Michael Hicks
Most Americans could not fathom how Islamic terrorists could bring down the World Trade Center or ..
God, Israel and You by Michael Onifer
God, Israel and You is a fresh and insightful perspective on an oversaturated an..
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Gosnell by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer
In 2013 Dr Kermit Gosnell was convicted of killing four people, including three babies, but is tho..
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Guilty as Sin by Edward Klein
When FBI Director James Comey announced in July that Hillary Clinton would not be indicted for misha..
$28.00 $20.00
Hooked by Gregory Jantz
The New Addiction What you start out controlling can end up controlling you.   From Tw..
$15.00 $6.00
Hostile Environment by George Yancey
"The only good Christian is a dead Christian." In our heated cultural environment, comments like ..
In Our Backyard by Nita Belles
In recent years, Americans have woken up to the reality that human trafficking is not just something..
Jepthah's Daughters by Robert Oscar Lopez
This book provides a range of perspectives exploring the fallout of the social experimentation we ar..
Made in the U.S.A. by Alisa Jordheim
The book is a compilation of five true stories of adults (4 woman & 1 man) trafficked as childre..
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Outlasting the Gay Revolution by Michael Brown
"Just stay the course and speak the truth in love. People may mock your words for the short term, bu..
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Saving a Sick America by Michael Brown, PhD
Nationally syndicated radio host and columnist Michael L. Brown provides a handbook for a biblical..
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Seeking Refuge by  Stephan Bauman, Matthew Soerens, and Dr. Issam Smeir
What will rule our hearts: fear or compassion? We can’t ignore the refugee crisis—arguably the gr..
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Smashing the DC Monopoly by Tom A. Coburn, M.D.
STOPPING THE POWER-HUNGRY BEAST. Though everyone talks a good game about reining in out-of-cont..
$26.00 $20.00
Stolen Sovereignty by Daniel Horowitz
We are confronted with a jarring reality that the Left has succeeded in growing the power of the cou..
$26.00 $20.00
Takedown by Paul Kengor
We are witnessing a watershed moment in American cultural history: the sabotaging of family and marr..
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The Christian Vote Book by Don Schanzenbach and John Bona
What does the Bible say about choosing leaders? The Christian Vote Book encourages its readers by..
The Death of the West by Patrick J. Buchanan
The national bestseller that shocked the nation--The Death of the West is an unflinching look at t..