SilverSol 16 oz

SilverSol 16 oz
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SilverSol (Silver Solution) is made of extremely small particles of pure elemental silver, suspended in a solution of very pure water. These nano particles are so small that they pass through your body's cells instead of becoming lodged in any major organs, and are safe in any quantity. Silver Sol's patented technology is much more effective at neutralizing harmful pathogens than the colloidal silver that has been around for more than 100 years. Silver Sol works by catalytic action. Its particles seek out the pathogens. Once found, they attach to the pathogens' cell walls, which eventually leaves holes in the membranes, subsequently killing the pathogens. Most other silver products work by chemical action - meaning that they must have direct contact with microbes to have any positive effect. It can be taken every day, up to 3 times a day, to maintain a healthy immune system and avoid unnecessary illnesses caused by the microbes that are constantly attacking your body. SilverSol is great for wound healing, burn treatment, bites, rashes, flu, colds, ear infections, pink, eye, water purification, and more.  Activz Silver Solution has 12 parts per million (12ppm).

PPM (Parts Per Million) is a ratio measuring how many units of solute are in one million units of solvent.  Unlike ionic or colloidal silvers, which require high concentrations of silver to have positive effects, Activz Silver uses a proprietary formula that is stable and effective at low potency.