God's Grand Design for Marriage by Tom Clark

 God's Grand Design for Marriage by Tom Clark
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Maintaining a marriage has always been hard, but it’s easier than ever to leave an unhappy marriage—and easier still to avoid marrying altogether. Divorce and cohabitation are increasingly acceptable in our society, and we hear over and over that we “deserve” to be happy. So is marriage still important? Why should we marry instead of living together? And why should we stay married when we’re no longer happy? After decades of counseling couples and making some important changes in his own marriage, Tom Clark tackles these fundamental questions and more. We have come to value our personal happiness over everything else, Clark says; indeed we feel entitled to it. We pursue marriage because we think it will make us happy. As the relationship changes and conflicts arise, we seek divorce because we think that will make us happy. We marry because we are “in love” but aren’t sure what to do when those feelings change. But life isn’t about happiness; rather, it’s about God. If we understood God’s design and purpose for marriage, perhaps we would be more motivated to get married and stay married, even when it’s hard. Clark also addresses the different roles of husbands and wives outlined in the Bible—often misunderstood—and how God intends them to reflect the relationship between Christ and the church. Here are powerful tools to help strengthen your commitment and a sound outline for how understanding God’s plan for marriage can help make your own union more fulfilling than ever before.