The Coming World Revival by Robert Coleman

 The Coming World Revival by Robert Coleman
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"Lord, send a revival," you pray. Yet where does it begin? Especially when your own prayers seem to go unheard and your spiritual vitality is waning? Even then, it begins with you. This book invites you to discover God's strategy for personal renewal. To explore how you can rekindle your spiritual passion so that it burns bright. Robert Coleman maintains that pepole respond to a demonstration of revival, not an explanation. In this book, you'll learn what revival is. How it happens. And what it means for you, your church and the world. You'll also find out why it matters so much - and why it depends on you. Yes, you are only one person. But the fire within you can easily ignite the spark in others, and initiate a world of change. So go ahead, pray for revival. But be ready when God asks you to be the one in whom it begins. And let this book show the way. Limited Quantity. REGULAR PRICE $14.00.