The Prayer of Revenge by Doug Schmidt

 The Prayer of Revenge by Doug Schmidt
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How do some people manage to truly forgive their arrogant and remorseless offenders? As Christians: Are we to sit by while our loved ones suffer, and expect the violator to go unpunished? Do we struggle to forgive - or vow to bring the offender to justice? Do we see life as unfair and wonder, "Where is God in all of this?" When wronged, the saints in the Bible days poured out their hearts to God, pleading to for retribution and vindication. But how can we pray in the same way and still forgive as Christ taught? Theologian and author Doug Schmidt brings you into the vortex of this astounding paradox. Be prepared to learn the life-changing keys to forgiving the unrepentant through a new-found confidence in God's willingness to accomplish justice on your behalf. This book will help you discover how forgiveness and justice can abide as one. REGULAR PRICE $11.00. This offer is valid only while supplies last. Quantities are limited.