Praying With Authority by Barbara Wentroble

 Praying With Authority by Barbara Wentroble
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If you often feel that your prayers are too timid or ineffective, you are not alone. Too few Christians would describe their prayer life as exciting or adventurous. Yet that is precisely what it should be - a glorious, enriching experience shared by all of us who have been authorized by Christ to pray in His name! This book shows how to take your prayer life to a new and dynamic level. Barbara Wentroble carefully explains why you have authority to govern in the spiritual realm, and she also teaches you how to take that authority and put more power in your payer to advance God's Kingdom. Most of all, she shows you that when you pray "Thy will be done," you are not simply verbalizing something you hope for. Instead, you are becoming the instrument of God's will - and learning to intercede accordingly. Are you ready to let yourself go on the journey to a newfound prayer life? If so, you will be amazed where God takes you. REGULAR PRICE $12.00. Clearance price valid while supplies last.